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March 3rd, 2012- litter

Marlie gave birth to 9 healthy puppies on March 3rd, 2012. There were 6 boys and 3 girls. See below for pictures of the puppies and a profile of the parents, Marlie and Pastor.

The Puppies growing up...

Helo at his new families wedding (Mary and Keelan)

Amanda and Dexter- Male at 6 months




Nash at 6 months - Male

Rocky at 6 months- Male

Helo at 6 months - Male



Neeka- Female

Isis - female



Minion- Male
The Puppies at 9 weeks and their families







Our little girl


Marlie Jr.

The Puppies at 7 weeks...

Yellow and Red Girl

Blue and Cream Boy



Orange and Brown Boy

White Boy and Purple Girl

Green Boy

The Puppies at 5 weeks...
Girl 1-Purple

Girl 2-Yellow

Girl 3-Red  
Boy 1-Orange

Boy 2-Cream


Boy 3-Green




Boy 4-Blue

Boy 5-White






Boy 6-Brown
The Puppies at 4 weeks...

The Girls...


The Boys...


The Puppies...

The PuppiesPlaying...


All 9 Puppies...

The Puppies between 2 and 3 weeks old...

The Boys....(6 in total)

The Boys...

The Girls...(3 in total)


A close up...

A sleepy puppy...

The Puppies...Just a few days old
The Girls
The Boys

Rebelrun's Tenacious Charmer (Marlie) -Dam

Credentials: OVC Hips and Elbows clear. Has her PCD and CD, placing first overall.
Personality: Marlie is calm and loving in temperment. Marlie visits high school students with Autism and Learning Disabilities on a regular basis. “She is so helpful with the students!”

To view her pedigree click here.
To view more pictures of Marlie click here.

Pastor Burgos-Sire
Credentials: Sel. Ex. Am & Can Ch. Pastor Burgos TEC. OFA Hips clear and OVC elbows clear.
Owners: Bill & Joanne Randall (, John & Christine Gibbons
Personality: Pastor has an excellent character and temperament which he passes onto his puppies.
To view Pastor's pedigree click here.